About Me

TL;DR Programmer and outdoor enthusiast living in San Francisco. Works at GoPollGo. Worked on a bunch of different programming projects over the years.

I was born on a small farm in Winnetka, Illinois. (OK, Winnetka is more of a suburb of Chicago than a farming town, but it sounds more interesting to have grown up on a farm.) In 7th grade, I wrote my first program - a quadratic equation solver in TI-Basic for my TI-83. Fortunately for my career, I quickly decided to move beyond calculator programming to web development. In 1999, when I was in 8th grade, I wrote an HTML and CSS tutorial back when CSS was a controversial bleeding edge technology and presented on the subject at the Illinois Student Technology Conference. In high school I designed such illustrious web sites as the New Trier Track and Field and Cross Country home pages. Again fortunately for my career, all evidence of these websites has disappeared.

In 2004 I graduated from New Trier High School and moved on to a small liberal arts university in New Jersey, where I studied Computer Science and Quantitative and Computational Biology. I also became a Leader and Leader Trainer in our Outdoor Action (OA) program, where we led pre-orientation backpacking trips for over 700 incoming freshman. Through this program I trained as a Wilderness First Responder and went on to teach and coordinate Health And Rescue Training (HEART) program, the required Wilderness First Aid training for OA leaders.

In 2008 I graduated and moved to Seattle to work at a software company specializing in operating systems. In Seattle, I learned to appreciate sunshine in its liquid forms (espresso, especially from Victrola, and IPA, especially from Hopvine). I also joined King County Explorer Search and Rescue, where I learned how to be really cold and wet and not complain about it along with a few other useful wilderness skills. I spent a lot of days skiing at Crystal Mountain and Alpental, climbing at Exit 38 and Vantage, and hiking and trail running in the Cascades along the I-90 corridor and Highway 2.

In January, 2011 I moved on to new adventures. I tried my hand as the solo founder of Outdrsy for 6 months before meeting Ben Schaechter and deciding to move to the Bay Area to work at GoPollGo. Here in San Francisco I've learned to appreciate sunshine in its real form and become one of those obnoxious California people who complains about how boring it is to always be 70 and sunny. For those of you not from San Francisco - that whole thing about the fog is a ruse to keep you out and maintain any chance of finding a parking space. Just don't visit in the summer.

I now spend my days writing lots of Ruby code with an occasional cup of CoffeeScript. In my spare time I've been cycling, indoor rock climbing at Mission Cliffs, and skiing.

I don't really use Google+, but I'm going to throw in a link to my profile so Google will make my search results prettier.

If you were looking for a more "professional" bio, check out my projects. If you're still bored and haven't found something else to do, you should peruse some of my blog posts or follow me on Twitter.